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Learn the basics of chemistry by discovering the power of the elements!

Allow your kids to learn the periodic table and to have fun while doing so! Additionally explore other areas of science, technology, engineering & math, like blockchain, through our games, mini-lessons, and other learning resources!
STEM made easy. learning made fun.

Memorize the elements and their symbols while discovering their attributes and potential with various interactive and dynamic games that make learning easy and fun!

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From vibrant FLASHCARDS to the virtual CHEM LAB, learning the basics of chemistry is made fun and interactive in the digital era. Plus, stay tuned for additional exciting games that teach some of the basics of BLOCKCHAIN, including CRYPTOCURRENCY and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). All are welcome to learn and to engage with a new and fascinating world of technology with endless possibilities, synthesizing other areas of knowledge and understanding in order to inspire creativity and innovation!


    Players challenge themselves with Alchemia's collection of fun 'brain teasers' or mental exercises. Learning the periodic table of elements is made easy with interactive games and a community of learners!


    Calculate, create, and analyze chemical reactions like a scientist! Form new chemical compounds, sometimes getting exclusive glimpses of new Alchemic Cards before they are listed in the NFT Marketplace!


    Players can face off against each other with their Alchemic cards as well as play multiplayer games like Alchemic Battleship or Elements Bingo and win prizes!


    NFT collectors hunt for and trade element cards, reaction cards, and super-rare bonus cards while — both individually and as a community — unlocking more mysterious cards and special prizes!

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Help us to propel forward the future of education with Alchemia's limited edition blockchain-in-STEM, pioneering NFTs. Collect them all to own and complete a rare and limited set of the world's very 1st cryptographic, tradeable version of the Periodic Table of Elements! The Complete Alchemic Collection of NFT cards will be made available exclusively in the Tron NFTone NFT Marketplace! 

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Own and Trade Elements from the Periodic Table

Collect and trade elements (rare and original "element cards") on the periodic table in order to unlock chemical reactions (or unique compound cards, a.k.a. "reaction cards") and bonus cards through achieving various collector's milestones on the table — both individually and as a community — such as the completion of various element groups: non-metals, halogens, noble gases, Alkali metals, etc.

Atomic #78 | transition metal

Platinum [Pt]

Platinum is an extremely rare metal, sometimes mistaken for silver yet often more expensive than even gold! Platinum occurs on Earth in very small concentrations, but there are large deposits of the element present in the State of Tamil Nadu, India. It exists in very high abundance on the Moon and in meteorites. As a result, the element [Pt] is found even in regions of meteor impact on Earth where it can be mined economically, as is the case with the Sudbury Basin in Ontario, Canada. In ancient times, people in Egypt and the Americas used [Pt] for jewellery and decorative pieces, often mixed with gold. The first recorded reference to [Pt] was in 1557 when Italian physician Julius Scaliger, describing the metal as 'unmeltable'.  

Atomic #12 | alkaline earth metal

Magnesium [Mg]

Magnesium is the eighth most abundant element in the Earth's crust, and the fourth most common element in the Earth. It is a shiny grey solid, closely resembling the five other elements in the second column (alkaline earth metals) of the table. Produced in large, aging stars that explode as supernovas, [Mg] occurs naturally only in combination with other elements. The free element (metal) can be produced artificially, and is highly reactive (though in the atmosphere it is soon coated in a thin layer of oxide that partly inhibits reactivity (i.e. passivation); and it can burn with a characteristic brilliant-white light. The metal is now obtained mainly via the electrolysis of Magnesium salts collected from brine.

Atomic #70 | lanthanide

Ytterbium [Yb]

Ytterbium is a rare-earth metal ('lanthanide'). It is a soft, malleable and ductile, displaying a bright silvery lustre in its pure state. [Yb] is readily dissolved by strong mineral acids, while also reacting slowly with cold water and oxidizing slowly in air. When tarnishing in air, [Yb] takes on a golden or brown hue. [Yb] is found with other lanthanides in many rare minerals; it is mostly recovered commercially from monazite sand. Notable mining areas include: China, the U.S., Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, and Australia. [Yb] reserves amount to about  1 million tonnes. [Yb] is normally difficult to separate from other rare-earth metals, but ion-exchange and solvent extraction techniques developed in the mid- to late 20th century have simplified separation. 

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